Thanks for Doing Business with Us

As one company, TRU Simulation + Training is committed to working with suppliers to ensure customer satisfaction through conformance to quality requirements, competitive costs, improved communication, reduction of variation, elimination of non-value-added work and timely delivery expectations.

Supplier Terms & Conditions 
Please use this link to download a copy of our TRU Supplier Terms & Conditions.

Supplier Privacy Policy
Please use view a copy of TRU's Supplier Privacy Policy

Non-Disclosure Agreement
Please contact a TRU buyer for a copy of TRU's standard NDA.

Indirect Terms & Conditions 
Please use this link to download a copy of our TRU Indirect Terms & Conditions.

Shipping Instructions
Please refer to this link for shipping instructions for all Purchase Orders for shipments where TRU Simulation + Training is responsible for paying the transportation provider directly.

Purchase Order Quality Codes
Please use this link to view a list of our TRU Purchase Order Codes.

Item Change Request Form
Please use this form for all Item Change Requests.

Supplier MRB Disposition Request 
Please use this form for all MRB Disposition Requests.

AS9100 Specifications 
Please use this link to purchase AS9100 specifications.

AS9100 Forms
Please use this link to find form required for first article inspections.

Suppliers looking for Supplier Quality Assurance Requirements document, please contact your TRU procurement representative.

We aim to establish and maintain long-term relationships with suppliers who are committed to continuous improvement in quality, delivery, cost and service. This commitment is an expectation we have of all our suppliers.