Where ever you are, stay proficient

Hone your skills any time, anywhere with our Online Ground School. In addition to helping you stay proficient, this computer-based, distance learning program can help you shorten the time you spend in our facility and reduce the need for recurrent training. Go to the login page to begin training. 

To experience the Online Ground School system, click on one of the sample "CJ4 or King Air 350 Powerplant System" links below.

After you launch the Online Ground School demo, start your demonstration by clicking on the HELP button at the top of the lesson window. It will explain, in detail, how to navigate the lesson. You can use the checklists at the bottom of the page when you have finished the lesson. Be sure to try the FREEPLAY mode link at the top of the Online Ground School window... click the battery switch ON and go!

CJ4 Powerplant Overview and Operation

King Air 350 Overview and Operation

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