You Have Questions, We Have Answers

What is Online Ground School?

TRU Simulation + Training has received FAA approval for systems ground school through our exclusive Online Ground School for Cessna Citation Jet and King Air. This means that if you choose to take your ground school from the comfort of your home, you can spend more valuable training time on-site. In some cases it may shorten the time required to be at our facilities. Currently, Online Ground School is only approved for recurrent training. Initial customers will have full access to the Online Ground School, however, they will not receive training credit when studying remotely.

Here's how it works... Once you've chosen to participate in the Online Ground School option (Yes, live ground school courses are still available if you prefer!), you will be given a username and password to access our Online Ground School portal. Once you have completed all of the required modules and lessons in the program (approximately 11-12 hours) and successfully passed the online exams, your systems ground school is complete. When you arrive on-site at our Training Center, you will be given a short validation exam (FAA requirement) and then you will start your enrichment courses and simulator training. Online Ground School is a powerful tool to maximize and enhance your training experience while at our center.


What pilot training courses does TRU Simulation + Training offer?

We offer comprehensive training— initial and recurrent—for Citation CJ series, all Fusion Equipped King Airs,  as well as Conquest I and II. Options include:

What is Current 365?

The pilot community has spoken and we've responded. Maintain proficiency all year long with our exclusive Current 365™ program. With two annual training events, online courseware, email generated system quizzes, and flight training devices, you will always be current. Thanks to recent advances in technology, we can bring currency to the comfort of your living room. The standard once-per-year training model has been broken for a very long time. As training innovators, we elected to move ahead of the curve and develop next-level web-based training for integration with our proven ground school sessions and advanced simulator training. We were granted FAA approval of our web-based CitationJet Online Ground School courses in February 2014, and we continue to add to our range of courses for this program. This frees up time on-site for more effective simulator training.

Here are five significant features of Current 365:

  • It shifts pilot preparation from the three-day conventional classroom based model to a 365-day calendar for flexibility and the constant currency that aviation safety demands. 
  • It delivers year-round proficiency.
  • It merges systems ground school and hands-on experience with avionics training from Day 1.
  • It enables pilots to select the course/pricing package that best meet their needs.
  • It allows greater training flexibility well above and beyond typical FAA 61.58 "box checking" programs.