Currency. Confidence. Customization.

Our commitment to all three drives our course development and delivery. What do you need to fly successfully and safely? We offer comprehensive pilot training—initial and recurrent—for Citation Jet (CJ1, CJ1+, CJ2, CJ2+, CJ3, CJ3+, and CJ4) and Pro Line Fusion Equipped King Air 350/250/90 aircraft, as well as Conquest I and II pilots. Options include one-year recurrent training, two-year recurrent training, initial type rating and recurrent (one year, 13 months or two years), second-in-command and pinch-hitter programs and other related training courses.

ProFlight is also the leader in course customization. Our 25 years of expertise, unsurpassed computer-based instructional technology and committed team of active, professional pilot instructors assures you the specific training experience you want and need for safe, certain flight.