High Confidence and Low Stress

The C3 initial type rating, recurrent 61.58 and Part 135 courses are available in both Tampa, Florida and Carlsbad, California. Experience Cessna CJ3 or CJ2+, CJ1+, CJ2 and CJ1 training that is lauded by customers and the press. 

  • Pilots will conduct flight training in Part 60 Level D full flight simulators, acclaimed as some of the best CJ simulators available. 
  • Spend more time in our devices, and less time in a classroom by taking advantage of our FAA-approved Online Ground School, available with recurrent training or Current 365.


CJ3 Initial Training 6 days 8 days n/a
CJ3 Recurrent Training 2 days 1-2 days optional
Recurrent with Online Ground School n/a 1-2 days 2 days*

*varies based on students' proficiency and experience.