Piston and Turbine Overhaul Class

Day 1 Classroom Theories (1/2 day)

The balance of the class to be completed step by step in the shop training area. Working at clients pace.

Shop Training Modules:

  1. Incoming propeller information
  2. Manual selection
  3. Preliminary inspection process
  4. Propeller disassembly
  5. Paint stripping (theory only)
  6. Propeller assembly change letter (if needed)
  7. Blade repair
  8. Blade inspection
  9. Hub inspection
  10.  Internal parts inspection
  11.  Refinish of parts (theory only)
  12.  Blade preassembly
  13.  Hub preassembly
  14.  Propeller assembly
  15.  Outgoing propeller information


Introduction to Field MX

Classroom theory and propeller identification ½ day

The balance of the class will be conducted in the hangar area:

  1. Propeller damage criteria and repair
  2. Corrosion control and painting (theory)
  3. Propeller removal and installation (conducted on Cessna 182 & 208)
  4. Propeller tracking and balancing (conducted on Cessna 182 & 208)


C730 Field Reassembly

The purpose of this class is for the client to become failure with the reassembly & disassembly of the C703 propeller for shipping purposes. 

Classroom theory ¼ day

Shop training:

  1. Disassembly
  2. Blade removal
  3. Packing for shipping
  4. Assembly of propeller

The client will then repeat the process until proficiency is obtained.