You'll Forget It's Just Practice.

Train in the industry's first EASA-certified Level D Bell 429 Full Flight Simulator. We replicate every aspect of flying the 429 with incredible realism, and we tailor the training to your skill level. You'll navigate through more true-to-life scenarios in less time than training in the aircraft. We partnered with our sister companies Bell and Textron Aviation to provide a total training solution unmatched in the rotorcraft industry. This partnership gives us faster and more in-depth collaboration, delivering high-fidelity pilot training solutions to our customers.

The ODYSSEY™ H FFS design was developed for the unique training requirements and needs of the helicopter pilot. 
  • The industry's largest standard visual field of view
  • The largest standard dome radius of any simulator on the market today
  • Industry-leading motion performance with high-fidelity superior accelerations, smoothness, and responsiveness  



Bell 429 Initial3 days7 days2 Hours
Bell 429 Recurrent3 days (combined with sim time)3 days (combined with classroom time)N/A
Sim Instructor Course1/2 day1 dayN/A

*varies based on students' proficiency and experience.