Always Up to the Task

Maintenance task trainers from TRU Simulation + Training support some of the military's most relied upon platforms—the C-17, B-1, F-16, F-22, F-35 and Shadow TUAS to name a few.

We develop, manufacture, field and maintain part task trainers that include aircrew missions and maintenance devices that have established technical orders. These trainers are designed to the levels of fidelity that the customer requires to perform the necessary training tasks, from trainers that fully simulate the critical functionality of subsystems to those scaled down to fit in a classroom setting.

Partner with us and you'll benefit from our proven track record. We have designed and built 37 C-17 Maintenance Training Devices (MTDs) to include engine maintenance trainers, fuel systems trainers, flight controls trainers, landing gear trainers, cockpit procedures trainers and aircraft maintenance system trainers. TRU has also designed and built the F-22 aft fuselage trainer, armament trainers and landing gear trainer. Finally, TRU has designed, developed and built the F-35 aircraft systems maintenance trainer (IMI Level 4 virtual maintenance trainer).

Count on TRU Simulation + Training to develop tools and devices that meets the requirements of the mission—and the budget.