Training System Support Centers (TSSC)

TRU has developed and supported B-1 and C-17 through TSSCs stood-up at the inception of the programs. The TSSCs were established in multiple locations to ensure the systems and aviators could always be mission-ready. During both B-1 and C-17, TRU performed Level of Effort (LOE) upgrades to the training devices. This also required TRU to maintain the B-1 Training System library as directed by the local USAF Detachement 4 on Dyess AFB.

Modifications and Upgrades 

TRU ensures that all systems are concurrent so that you can train to optimal readiness. In past programs TRU has added functionality, and rehosted obsolete systems. TRU implemented a certification system to speed up the process while certifying all modifications. SIMCERT certified 92% of B-1 pilot training tasks and 97% of the Weapons System Office training tasks were of creditable value, saving hundreds of flight hours. This process began with the C-17 program to improve performance on all up-to-date systems. This led to the C-17 program often rated to exceed customer expectations- five Engineering Change Orders (ECO), three hardware, two software, nine baseline requirement updates and two technical manual updates. This required multiple drawing, software lines of code and laungages to create the updates. 

Cyber Security 

At TRU we understand that protecting technology and information is critical, so we offer the Cyber Security Management System (CSMS), a domain controller built for meeting the Risk Management Framework (RMF) requirements set by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.


Centralized User Management

Enhanced User Security 

RMF Compliance Enforcement

Windows and Linux Integration 

Remote and Local ACAS Capability

RADIUS Capable 

Secured File Storage Server

STIG Enforcement 

Ability to host virtualized systems

Custom Role-Based Access Control 

Enterprise domain structure

Full suite HBSS