Here to Meet Your Ever-Changing Needs

Our concurrency services ensure that your training system keeps pace with changes to the aircraft or its use. As part of this service, we evaluate updates to the aircraft system and any implications to how the aircraft will be used. We then determine what the change will mean to the existing courseware and make the necessary upgrades to ensure that your training remains in synch with the needs of the mission. Modifications are verified and changes are documented. Then periodically, the process is repeated to ensure ongoing concurrency.

The list of B-1 concurrency modifications we've supported includes:

  • Digital Control Loading (DCL)
  • Integrated Battle Station (IBS)
  • Sustainment Block 16 (SB-16)
  • Sustainment Block 16A (SB-16A)
  • Inertial Navigation System Replacement (INSR)
  • Preprocessor Flight Software Version 6.12 (PFS 6.12)
  • Central Integrated Test System Replacement on Primary/Secondary Flight Control System Maintenance Trainer (CITS Replacement on P/SFCSMT)
  • SB-16A Radar Improvement (RMIP)