March 13, 2019

Adaptable Mission Trainer

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Adaptable Mission Trainer


TRU’s newest flight training device (FTD) supports stand alone operations or can be linked with multiple trainers for multi-ship operations, and train in the specific environments pilots will encounter while on their mission. Whether it be, Air-to-Air, Air-to-Ground, Surface-to-Air, Close Air Support, or Forward Air Controller missions, you can train in this dome, to ensure there is never a gap between training and real life. This means a more effective pilot in an aircraft cockpit before the mission ever begins.


Creating mission-ready pilots in a cost-effective manner is a top challenge that governments face today. This is where TRU’s new training solution comes into play. TRU’s compact and portable flight training device allows for multiple trainers in a training center, enabling more students to train on their own time and quickly build up their flight skills in a time-effective manner, without using aircraft resources.


We understand that training needs shift, and we believe your mission trainer should adjust along with them. That’s why this FTD is designed to be easily reconfigured with updates to the device’s components and software while not losing fidelity on the high resolution imagery. Military bases now have the ability to update the trainer along with the aircraft and mission in limited time for a seamless transition for training pilots to get them flight-ready in less time.


TRU Simulation + Training has proven past performance in both maintenance and pilot training through the T-6, F-22, C-17 and B-1 programs, to name a few. The next generation product is the Adaptable Mission Trainer. This small dome trainer allows for the customer to train when, where and how is needed for each mission in a cost-effective manner. With the innovative new design, TRU is bringing their knowledge to the military bases, to ensure pilots are as prepared as possible for all environmental situations they may encounter.

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