Discover the TRU Difference

Elevate your expectations for a training provider.  TRU redefines the standard with immersive, student-focused training. Take command of your training—and your career—with these exclusives:

  • Emphasis on Hands-On Training: ProFlight allocates 50% more time in Level D Full Flight Simulators and realistic Flight Training Devices than our competitors.

  • Exceptional Online Ground School: Shorten the time required to be at our facilities, thereby decreasing the impact of recurrent training.

  • Best Devices in the Industry: Citation CJ and King Air Flight training takes place in state-of-the-art simulators that have received rave reviews for their realism. 

  • Best-in-Class Instructors: The majority of our ProFlight instructors are active, high-time pilot with years of training experience and a strong commitment to constant currency.

  • The White Glove Treatment: Through our Training Concierge service, we get to know you and your individual needs, in order to maximize learning and your overall experience.

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