High-Fidelity Training Without the Sky-High Lifecycle Cost

TRU's line of full flight simulators offers advanced, high-fidelity training at the lowest life cycle cost available. We achieve this through purpose-built technology, simplified maintenance requirements, low spare parts investment and remarkably low power consumption.

The main features of our full flight simulators include:

  • High-fidelity simulation software based on original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and vendor data
  • Tailored solutions: Choose between a fully incorporated aircraft panel and avionics, or a more extensively simulated equipment suite with a smaller footprint and reduced energy costs 
  • Aircraft options editor: supporting multiple aircraft configuration options 
  • Easy maintenance: requires only IT technicians to maintain
  • Reliability exceeding industry standards


TRU Horizon™ Distributed I/O Philosophy

TRU Horizon - a smart and simple technology solution that replaces hardware with smarter software techniques to integrate OEM aircraft parts in TRU Devices. TRU Horizon card module mounts directly to aircraft line replacement units without modification converting thousands of interconnected signals to clean, organized modular aircraft parts. From wiring to software simplifies the complete simulator architecture.

This creates an array of benefits for our customers:

  • 80% less wiring than traditional simulator devices
  • High reliability with built-in diagnostics
  • Lowers product life cycle costs which in return maximizes return on investment
  • The ease of maintenance facilitate future upgrades with minimal redesign
  • Ease of operation and minimal training required
  • A reduce parts listing because of the TRU Horizon technology