High-Fidelity Training Without the Sky-High Lifecycle Cost

TRU's line of full flight simulators offers advanced, high-fidelity training at the lowest life cycle cost available. We achieve this through purpose-built technology, simplified maintenance requirements, low spare parts investment and remarkably low power consumption.

The main features of our full flight simulators include:

  • High-fidelity simulation software: based on original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and vendor data
  • Tailored solutions: Choose between a fully incorporated aircraft panel and avionics, or a more extensively simulated equipment suite with a smaller footprint and reduced energy costs 
  • Aircraft options editor: supporting multiple aircraft configuration options 
  • Easy maintenance: requires only IT technicians to maintain
  • Superb reliability: exceeding industry standards
  • Level D full motion simulator solutions: proprietary control loading and motion-cueing subsystems deliver a stunningly realistic simulation of the complete performance envelope